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Vous souhaitez perdre vos kilos en trop avant l'été ? Nous avons sélectionné pour vous 5 applications pour perdre du poids grâce à votre smartphone !


Pour aller plus loin :
Purchase Cloud Applications: 10 questions to buy smarter (English Edition)Purchase Cloud Applications: 10 questions to buy smarter (English Edition)This book will give you effective tips to buy better Cloud applications and with a better understandings of the small prints in the contract.

Cloud sounds very promising. Yet some companies are starting to find the dream doesn’t deliver on their expectations. How to get the truth ?

This book will give you
- ten questions to ask your providers before signing
- ten answers which decodes and explains all the advantages of the Cloud and what you have to accept to get them,
- ten answers that can be read independently whenever you need to focus a single issue
- dozens of tips to buy smarter and get a better bargain from your provider!
Performance, availability, low cost, security, contract termination and more are detailed in the book, intended for entrepreneurs or managers, facing the Cloud.

The author, Fabrice Rigaux, has been working ln this field for years negotiating and implementing cloud applications. He is a certified trainer for Cloud Service Management. This book is built on this experience to alert you on what many will overlook.

With this book, you are only one step away from better value for your money ! Go ahead and pick up your copy today

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