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Prendre du volume et perdre du poids en même temps, est-ce possible ? Des conseils d'entrainement et de nutrition pour atteindre ces 2 objectifs.


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Clementoni - 17106 - Trieur de Formes - Premières ActivitésClementoni - 17106 - Trieur de Formes - Premières ActivitésA fun cube with 6 different shapes to insert and place so that the fun has no end as the child learns to recognize the first numbers, shapes and colors.It is easy to handle and carry wherever you want, as well as it can be closed correctly thanks to its locking system.It stimulates visual coordination, recognition between cause and effect, and manual skills. Stimulates manual skills and auditive development Carry handle for take along fun Ideal for children from 2 years A wide and diversified range of educational toys The Clementoni range now includes toys for children aged 0 months to 12 years and older

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