Les cures thermales : une vraie solution pour perdre du poids ?

Tout savoir sur les cures thermales amaigrissantes, les résultats, ce qui est pris en charge, la différence avec la thalasso et les témoignages de curistes.


Pour aller plus loin :
Thermal Engineering Data Handbook (English Edition)Thermal Engineering Data Handbook (English Edition)

This book has been prepared keeping in mind the need of a data book that covers all the areas in thermal engineering curriculum, namely, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, refrigeration and air-conditioning and solar energy. The data books generally available in the market are specific to any one of the above subjects but not all. The availability of such book as this makes the task of academic sections much easier as the need to supply to the students separate data books each for steam properties/tables, refrigerant tables/charts, heat transfer correlations, solar constants, etc. in university examinations will be eliminated.

The book presents properties of various materials, tables/charts, formulae and empirical relations concerned with thermal engineering curriculum. The subject matter has been developed and compiled logically and integrated around a coherent central theme.
This book will cater to the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students of Mechanical, Industrial and Production, Chemical, and Aeronautical Engineering disciplines and also practising engineers.

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