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Avoir un ventre plat. Le sport est le meilleur moyen pour avoir un ventre plat ,pour perdre du poids coute que coute.pourtant c'est tout a fait simple,pour.


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Corde à sauter sans cordon avec écran LCD de décompte des calories noir - noirCorde à sauter sans cordon avec écran LCD de décompte des calories noir - noirWelcome your purchase from our Zele. store.

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1. This digital cordless jumping rope has a built in timer, calorie and jump counter and will help you to lose weight fast without the need for skill or coordination.

2. This cordless jump rope gives you all the calorie burning benefits of a traditional jump rope but without the hindrance of the rope!

3. Don't worry about tripping over the rope as no skill or coordination is needed to operate this digital skipping rope, simply set the timer and start swinging.

4. This rope tracks calories burned, number of jumps and time based on the user's weight, so you can keep on top of your exercise regime.

5. This cordless skipping rope is great for professionals or homebodies alike, looking for the most effective exercise method but who do not want to swing a rope around their property and smash something!

6. This ultra portable exercise kit can be easily slipped into your bag or car, so you can take your exercise schedule on the road.


* Size: 80 x 48 x 195mm

* Handle diameter: 40mm

* Handle height: 150mm

* Weight: 500g

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