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Petit post pour vous annoncer que je participe au challenge « ventre plat » lancé par Mathilde du blog « Belle & Sportive » ! Même si pour moi l'objectif n'est pas vraiment ventre plat mais plutôt abdos dessinés. Et oui, je vous


Pour aller plus loin :
Keeper (Harris Brothers Book 3) (English Edition)Keeper (Harris Brothers Book 3) (English Edition)They were best friends until they became roommates.
Booker Harris has spent the last several years pushing himself to become the best goalkeeper in the Championship League. Tired of living in the shadows of his headline-splashing brothers, he has finally carved a path of his own.
As a child, Poppy McAdams was content in her own little make-believe world, until the boy next door with dimples and pained eyes came barreling into her makeshift fort demanding all her attention.
Best friends for most of their lives, everything changes when Poppy abruptly leaves London for University.
Now she is back, and gone is the awkward girl from Booker’s youth. She has been replaced by a stunning woman with secrets. Secrets that Booker is desperate to know.
Sharing a bedroom wall with your best friend from childhood quickly turns to anything but sweet and innocent.

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